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Read,Implement & Grow.

Writernaama Book Club

Where Just Reading A Book Is Not Enough

Grow 1% better each day 

Develop and apply new skills in just 30 miniutes a day with Writernaama book club

Read a page daily


Discuss it with someone

Implement step by step

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Find yourself in a Great Book

Few Questions?

Do you count your reading success by the number of books you read per year?

Has finding the right book become like finding a genie?

What is your READING vs IMPLEMENTATION ratio?

Is your life becoming a tug-of-war between reading, implementing and writing?

Do you like writing despite not wanting to write a book as of now?

The Story Behind The Book Club

Despite being an avid reader from last 20 years and a writer from last 12 years, I never launched a book club, because: 

✏️ I wanted a book club where reading was not enough and implementation should be the focus.
✏️ I envisioned a book club where members were united by
learning and teaching each other.
✏️ I wanted a book club where everyone believes that books are like soul-mates, someone, somewhere is definitely made for you. 
✏️ I sought to normalise the reader guilt.
✏️ I wanted to have a
cutting-edge book club, which redefines a book club by having writing practices merged within.

A Million Dollar Question

Hey Book Lover,

If learning is the seed and reading is the sapling, then what all is needed to raise this tree well?

You might need the fertiliser of habit and community, but there is one missing ingredient, which works wonders on the roots. Any guesses?


Benefits Inside The Book Club

Do-the-Book sessions

One Monthly Workshop

LIVE Q&As Book Sessions

25 writing prompts with daily participation  by members to encourage

On demand Do The Book sessions by members

On demand monthly sessions by members.

Monthly writing challenges

Monthly writing cheatsheets and workbooks

Join our Writernaama Book Club

A place where reading, writing, learning and implementation go hand in hand.

How does it work?


Pick a book 

pick a book from writing/creativity/psychology category given by Writernaama


Track Progress

 Read book, track progress and attend do-the-book sessions



Attend monthly workshops to stamp your growth with success forever

Say "Yes" To Growth Forever in just 1999/year.

What our Readers are saying

"Reading and writing are 2 sides of the same coin" - I would define this as the motto of the Writernaama Book Club where Reading and Writing have been given an equal focus to. Walking the fine line between Creating and Consuming content is the difference that makes the difference within this book club. I have been enjoying the active participation by all the members from diverse backgrounds, and wonderfully facilitated by Coach Heena M Shrivastava."

Dr Mehernosh J Randeria
NLP Master Trainer and W3 Coach, Mumbai

Joining Book Club happened to when I came across an insta post about Book launch by one of my insta friend. I took no time and got in touch with Heena and we signed up for my Book writing part of which i got entry to Book Club. My experience has been super rewarding as I find inspiring book lovers here and here it feels home."

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Annepaul VemagiriLearning and Development Specialist, Maldives.

Writernaama book club a community which helps you to sharpen your intellect by becoming consistent reader and at the same time motivates you to express yourself and be  creative by writing. Heena keeps us on toes with daily prompt writing and various other activities. 

If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far take people along.  Thankyou Heena for taking us along.

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Monika Singh Shekhawat 
Entrepreneur. Author of "Crafts On Wheels". Helping Craftsmen to boost their artwork and scale up.

This book club for me is a safe space to be I am,here I am ready to share my feelings, writing, feedback without fear of judgement,it's a beautiful community of like minded people and a nest for finding your wings.
I am happy to be it's member as it is a pill for saving you from depression and it's a daily drill to reset your mind for life.Its a bookclub where I feel as if before writing I am living my book to be written.

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Yogeeta chowhan
Ex- banker Life coach and learner by all means

I am a beginner to reading books. But I feel so welcomed and supported in Writernaama book club.
All the amazing people in the club are very inspiring.
Though it has many feathers to the cap like writing, reading, communicating.
I am at present concentrating on reading consistency and I feel so great.
And about Heena a very positive vibed person. She is a true leader and our super power house.
She inspires everyone by just being herself and is very good at finding positivity in everyone and fuels our spirit.
I am very grateful to be part of this amazing book club❤❤

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Dr.Soundarya Manjunath
Ayurvedic doctor

The reason to join the book club was for Heena! 😍 I'm always stunned with her writing and her creativity. And the book club absolutely shows that. All her amazing creativity that you don't just get to witness but also learn from!

This also brings in similar creative folks from all over who are just as inspired by growing, learning and doing

It's such an amazing community to be a part of and just being a part of it got me to finish about 5 to 6 books and have more in progress.

Join us inside and bring in your amazing and unique talents as well!

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Reshma Bangarimath
ommunication and Facilitation skills Coach, The Meraki Hub

Say "Yes" To Growth Forever in just 1999/year.

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