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Storytelling 101

Weave your ideas to influence! Don't invent influence, just be the one.

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About Course

Pythogorus theorum VS Hare & Rabbit Story, which one you remember better?

The sheer fact that we remember our childhood through bedtime stories and storybooks and not by multiplication or subtractions we studied, speaks volumes about the importance of storytelling. From the time of civilization, where the stone men era was conquered through gestures and storytelling, one cannot deny the fact where science too has stamped the impact which stories bring into any arena of life.

Be it Steve Jobs or Sundar Pichai, all big names have used storytelling as a tool to spread ideas.  Now it is high time to tell our story to the world . 

Are you ready?

Once upon a time….

And everybody is all ears. Interesting! Isn’t it? As Ira Glass says, “Great stories happen to those, who can tell them.”

Today, with the dawn of digitalisation, world of storytelling has expanded from mere bed-time stories readout for children to corporate world storytelling. Certainly, it has changed clothes in form of its 30 seconds clothing, but has not vanished. But somewhere, storytelling seems to be under utilised and misunderstood phenomenon.

So, who has story?

Practically everybody has. If your story is from breaking down on personal point to rebooting and spreading your wings again, you are a story yourself.

From facing rejection on professional ground to build kickass career, you have many stories to tell. We all do.

From having less attentive students to become ‘students’ favourite story telling teacher’, you have an interesting story to tell for sure.

So next time when you say, "I don't have a story", just remind yourself that you just need to open your eyes and ears and look around!

Who is this Course For?

A Coach

who wants to give their secret formulas and structures like emotions, persuasion, power words in form of stories.


Who wants to connect with students on deeper level and give their lives meaningful direction through his/her experiences and stories.

A Content Writer

The art of storytelling is a vital part of creating compelling content. As content creator’s main goal is to engage targeted audience and get them interested in what they are sharing.

A Public Speaker

Who wants to grab their audience’s attention with a catchy opening line and how to get them moving down. Art of storytelling creates relevance for the audience, providing additional detail and mental visuals that bring to life otherwise dull, remote, or complex topics.

An Entrepreneur

In a world full of aggressive marketing, storytelling can be a difference ​between your business fighting to keep the lights on versus a business that always has record-breaking sales.

What You Will Get In Course?

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Science & art of storytelling


Elements, Components and Steps


Groups & Formats

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Story Survival Kit


Transition Toolkit & Personal Story Framework


Story Pandora Box