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Image by Jovis Aloor

Story Therapy

Breathe in Stories & Breathe Out Healing

Tales are mirrors, reflecting your soul,
They unveil truths that make you feel whole.
Through characters and plots, you see your own plight,
And find the courage to step into the light.

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It is time, to make your 'Once Upon A Time', Timeless.

Be it Alice, or Cinderella, these stories have always stayed in one corner of our heart. But, what after that? Life kept on happening, right? And then there were few lightenings and thunders in your sky. named hope, while these stories sobbed in the corner of your heart.

What if, now is the chance, to dig down into them again, and know yourself more and love yourself a little better through them?

What will be added in your learning curve in this workshop?

The workshop is made for you if...

If You are into Life Coaching

What can be better than telling stories and healing your clients?Knowing story therapy would be an added feather to your already bright and warm cap of life coaching. 

If you want to boost your spiritual quotient

Can't keep calm because you are still looking for spiritual balm?
Well, Story therapy might be one of those.

If you want to know yourself better

The best knowledge in this world, is to know yourself.
Story therapy will make your awareness dance on the tunes of stories and healing.

What will change after this workshop?

Heightened Self-Reflection

Stories will be the gateways. to your beliefs and you will be the gatekeeper.

Amplified Coping Skills & Resilience

Going through the maze of Hero's journey of stories, you will be able to have better grip at emotional awareness, which is the first step towards resilience.

Personal Empowerment

Dissecting your inner-being through stories may feel like cutting an onion at times, but the journey would be worth it for self-empowerment.
Image by Ali Kokab

Workshop Details

6th May, 2023, 2:30 PM to 4 PM

Price- 199/-

*Recording will be available for a month.

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