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Personal Branding is your fingerprint.
Let storytelling be your ink of impact.

Story Spark- Your Linchpin For Business Storytelling

Telling your story is like coming out of the den where you have spent years in the darkness, sometimes by striking the stones, sometimes by holding a baton and not realising that there is always a light within you.

Your story is oxygen for your personal branding. It is time to fasten your seat belts and go places with storytelling.

Ace the art and science of Business Storytelling

A Coach, teacher, content writer, social media manager, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or even social media influencer- whatever you are, Story Spark will ignite your flame through business storytelling.

No more confusion on where to begin from and get the clarity you always sought. 

Say Hello to Personal branding

Personal branding is your finger print. It can neither be copied and nor can be created. Just like your fingerprint is unique to you, Story Spark makes sure that you put the best imprint through the ink of storytelling.

Learn from certified Coach

The difference between a good course/membership and a remarkable one is the coach's experience which is the game changer. 

Heena M Shrivastava's certified experience in storytelling will be your red carpet for your personal brand through storytelling.

10x your influence 

In the jigsaw of influence, personal branding and storytelling go hand in hand as most important pieces of the puzzle. Story Spark will equip you to put best tool to win the tic-tac-toe of personal branding and storytelling.

Learn the simple techniques of influence.

Build a strong personal brand.

Make Storytelling Your Genie!

Image by Joshua Brown

Is this membership for me?

  • Are you stuck in the maze of storytelling while figuring out your way to influence?

  • Are you blindfolded by the limiting belief that you don't have stories around you?

  • Are you split between social media platforms and unable to cast desired influence?

  • Do you want to work on your personal branding but don't know where to begin?

If you said a "YES" to any of these, then it is time to say "Hello" to Story Spark

Image by Joshua Brown
Image by Etienne Girardet
Image by Etienne Girardet

What Will You Get?

  • 24 Live Sessions on business storytelling, personal branding, & NLP in storytelling

  • Bi-monthly live sessions in 12 months

  • 6 Clarity calls

What Topics to Expect?

  • Abc of Personal Branding, Decoding Business Storytelling, Types of client stories.

  • Charismatic copywriting, the ppt psychology, various frameworks of storytelling.

  • Metaphors in storytelling, The Art of Powerful Questions, Basics of Transactional Analysis.

Bonus Bonanza!!!

  • Complementary access to Writernaama Book Club- one of its kind!

  • Ebook of Creative Keeda Journal

  • Free Lifetime access to unparalleled pre-recorded Storytelling 101 Course 


Meet Your Coach

Heena M Shrivastava

A Book Coach With NLP Lens and Storytelling Ink

  • Certified Storytelling Coach

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner

  • 4X Author

  • International Book Coach

  • NLP Trainer

  • Ex TOI and HT Freelancer

I could not resist but my hand began penning down ideas at lightening speed after attending storytelling 101 by Heena Shrivastava. That's the nudge of creativity which comes as parcel of her workshops.

Purvi Rathod, Charatered Accountant & NLP Trainer

Guess the Membership Amount?

2999/year only

But Wait!!!

Holding Gift Box

Claim Your!!!

December Discount!!!

Flat 500rs Off!

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