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Why to do Journaling?

Journaling is the over-used term, but its benefits are still under-rated. It is not just to calm your mind, but to understand why it got angry at first place. It is not just about achieving goals, but developing habits. It is not just about delving deeper into your self, but also becoming your better self. Journaling is that road, where you befriend self-awareness, self-discovery and self-esteem under one roof.

As the benefits of journaling are unexplored, so are the forms and styles. Once you decide what style of journaling you’ll use, the journey becomes smooth. The most frequently used styles are flowing journaling, mind mapping and bullet journaling.

  • Flowing journaling is similar to brain dump where you keep writing your thoughts when you’re going through some issue.

  • Mind mapping can be done to plan your business where you select and eliminate things as per your choice.

  • Bullet journaling is great for planning your week ahead.

That being said you can always explore and keep trying things out. Just because you started with a style doesn’t mean you can’t change in future.

Once you’re done finding your style you should definitely ask yourself how many and what kind of journals you need to maintain.

  • Sacred Journal can be maintained if you want to write down your thoughts and inspiration you received after reading spiritual texts or heard any audio.

  • Adventure journal is generally used to create a bucket list of all the adventures you want to try and cross off the ones you’ve already tried.

  • Photo journaling is amazing for those who love visually attractive journals. You can print out a picture from your gallery and try to write about it.

  • Family journals are used where you try to write about your family members, what you’ve learned from them and everything that comes to your mind when you think of that person.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Picking Up Journaling

  1. Letting go of the need of perfection and accepting your own being

  • The need to be perfect often holds people from many things. When you start writing the first day, the perfect outcome won’t come. It might drive you crazy for few days but eventually you’ll make peace with yourself and accept your flaws.

  • You just need to start. You’ll experience more freedom every time you come back to your journal.

  1. Optimistic attitude

  • Once you start journaling, you become so aware about your thoughts that you start telling yourself better stories.

  • This not only helps you get rid of over thinking. It gives you the freedom to become the main character of your story.

3. Takes you from chaos to clarity

  • Anxiety, FOMO, depression or any other fear, you name it and deep journaling methods will be your saviour

  • Attempting prompts related to anger journaling, anxiety journaling etc work like a balm to your bruised conscious.

4. Energy Mindfulness

  • When you journal regularly, you dive deep into your intuition. As a result, you stop normalising negativity.

  • You learn to say no and keep miserable people out of your life. All it takes is just a ‘NO’.

5. Time management

  • This is something everyone struggles with. The problem with time management is we don’t prioritise things in our life.

  • This is when you need a brain dump. It’s just like cleaning your phone’s storage. You keep what you need and discard the trash.

If you ask anyone if they keep a journal the majority answer will be a yes. Even if they struggle to be consistent with it, they’ll definitely have a journal. This brings me to the first point where I highlighted about embracing yourself. You don’ have to be regular, rather be consistent. Now what is consistency to you? Is it once a week, twice a week or once a month? Do what feels right and convenient for you. Journaling is a type of self-care and that being said don’t be hard on yourself. Devote your time and second and write in a way that works for you.


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