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Top 5 Free Creative Writing Courses Online

In the fast-paced dreaming-chasing world there’s only one thing that can help you to keep up with the rest of the herd, that’s learning. Constant learning is one of the most amazing habits one can develop. Learning new things can bring longevity in whatever you do.

Like any other field learning more and more about creative writing can help you reach higher grounds and perfect your craft. There’s so much talent out there; if you can’t keep up with the constantly evolving world you’ll be left behind. Here are 5 free courses for creative writing that you can try –

1. Creative writing specialization (by Wesleyan University)

This course focuses on three major aspects of creative writing – short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. This can help you in adding interesting points in case you already have some material written or giving some stronger narration. Even if you’re starting, you’ll learn a lot of things.

2. Write your first novel (by Michigan University)

If you’ve been waiting to pen down your book, this is the perfect virtual course for you. Michigan University offers assistance from start to finish in writing a 50,000-word book alongside the best mentors around the world.

3. Writing for young readers (by Commonwealth Education Trust)

This course focuses on the young aspirants and their journey in their writing careers. This course includes a plethora of videos from renowned authors all around the world. This course offers to learn in areas like theme, plots, dialogue, etc. This will also help kids to explore the cultural significance of notable works.

4. Memoir and personal essay (by Wesleyan University)

Typically, at the end of any course, you’re ended up with a large body of work but here you’ll be able to construct a portfolio and experience all kinds of writing exercises, and challenges along with some professional tips.

5. Sharpened visions (by California Institute of Arts) This workshop touches on the poetry section of creative writing and makes the student understand that poetry is much more than a form of expression. This course will help you to change people’s perspectives and ideologies via your poetry. It’ll help you learn all the composition tools and contemporary poetry as well. Have you ever felt the need to have better skills in creative writing? These 5 courses are absolutely free and worth a try. Comment down below if there are more such courses available.

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