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How to Find the Right Title For Your Book?

You don't write a book, the book writes you. When you decide to write a book, the biggest question lurking in front of you like a pendulum is- How would you get motivated daily to write? Well, we have a tiny solution for that.

The solution is- finding a title and a cover for your book. People may or may not judge a book by its cover, but you would definitely get inspired to see a self-designed cover and self-decided title for your book till the time you zero down on the final one. It may sound weird, but this is a personally tried and tested technique which has done wonders with my mentees.

Giving a title is like giving name to your baby. Your book’s title can work as the central reason why a reader gets interested in your book and ignore any obstacle there is. There’s a huge chunk of the audience that decides which book they’re going to buy based on how aesthetically pleasing the title is.

Here are some techniques to find the right title for your book

1. Brainstorming

Mind-mapping is the best way to make pillars for your book title. Divide your book into 4 themes, main character's name, 4 emotions and 4 actions and then cross match and come up with options of various titles.

2. Naming after the main character

You must’ve heard that there are always some tricks that never fail, and this is definitely one of them. Naming your book after the main character has generally been a successful idea if you have the entire storyline formed around it. It develops a sense of curiosity in the reader’s mind to know more about the character.

3. Quote

When you have no ideas popping in your head and you’ve tried every other way of finding the right title for your book; you can always go for a quote. It is very easy to find a good quote that can match the storyline you’re trying to give out. People usually find quotes really fascinating and they’re very catchy so if you find a quote that’s catchy, you’ll probably end up having a very successful book.

4. Keywords relating to genre

As we all know people who love to read have their favourite genres and there are so many genres to choose from. Having keywords relating to the genre of your book makes it instantly attractive. It’s easier to find and develop curiosity in the reader’s mind.

Have you faced any difficulty in selecting the right title for your book? Comment down below on how you found the solution.


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