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5 Mistakes Of Storytelling

If world is made of stories and not atoms, then storytelling can be called that fevicol to glue your mindset to the right direction. Be it business, client or personal stories, storytelling is the magic wand, which makes sure that the magician hits the jackpot. Be it the Big Bang Theory or the Theory of Everything or Steve Jobs launching the macbook air, storytelling was the hidden ingredient in all the successful recipes of selling and marketing. Seth Godin- the alpha and omega of marketing has said it loud that marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.

However just like a mis-spelled magic can turn out to be havoc (remember Rohn in Harry Potter, who often goofed up?) So here are few mistakes to be aware for all the Rohns, Hermoines' and of course Harrys' in the world of storytelling.

  1. Timings

Telling your story at the wrong time is like being in a crashed airplane without a parachute. When you tell your story, you must discover the mood of your audience. Telling the right kind of story to generate awareness and then moulding stories according to interest, demand and action (AIDA principle of marketing) would be the right way to go about it.

2. Wrong Audience

Telling the marriage story to a college going students' group would be a sure-shot disaster recipe in storytelling. Telling to a wrong audience is always like singing the best song in front of walls. They will neither hear it and nor would they let anyone else hear it.

Knowing your audience's need, profession and pain points is like decoding their minds before you enter inside.

3. Cut The Crap

No one wants to sit in a car that's going nowhere. Even if you try to impress everyone, you end up impressing no one. People often don't construct stories by omitting unnecessary information. The information you provide should help move the story forward - everything else is just boring.

Remember when we were children and our parents used to tell stories and how impatiently we were waiting for the ending? In the same way, people want to listen only to the things that matter to the story. Anything else is boring.

4. Originality

Crying for originality is the hunger of every generation. Sometimes watching a movie twice may make you feel better. But watching it over and over again will make you go crazy. In the same way, the audience wants to hear something new and fresh from their ears. Even if it's not that new, try to give your personal touch to it.

So here comes one of the crucial points, always be in touch with the ever-growing world. You must know the taste of people and then come up with something that attracts your audience.

5. Authenticity

Prajakta Kohli, Ranbir Allahabadia, such new generation is known for their authenticity. Being authentic no more means being valid, but it is all about vulnerability.

Remember a recent reel by Prajakta is doing the rounds about she asking honest and real-time questions to all the influencers that they never face imperfections while being on social media? By accepting and declaring that she does, she is not just being honest, but is also inspiring others dance to the tunes of honesty and see the magic unfolding.

To sum it up, Whatever you are telling should help the story move forward because you may handle an impatient child but not an impatient audience. Clear the path, use what is necessary, and add only those things that are needed to know. Don't tell every minute detail to the crowd because they are not there to hear a novel narration. Storytelling is like riding a bicycle on a straight path; you move, you lose.


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