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5 Mistakes Every Writer Does

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”

– Henry Ford

We all make mistakes when trying something new. Mistakes are truly one of the most important aspects of our lives. They help you to introspect and make the essential changes. Your slip-ups can be used as the stepping stones for your future endeavors.

Just like any other skill, learning the art of writing is very challenging which results in some mistakes that the new writers make. Let’s check out the 5 mistakes every writer does in the beginning.

1. Copying instead of taking inspiration

This is a major mistake new writers make. Before writing about anything people usually research about the topic to gain a better understanding as well as knowledge about it. The research generally includes reading an article or a blog that has been already written by someone. Rather than taking inspiration, people copy the exact same lines which take away the true authenticity of your work.

2. Looking for inspiration rather than just starting

With this new wave of writers there has been an increasing influence on their approach towards writing. People have started to procrastinate because they are looking for an inspiration. With the fast-paced world, you don’t always have the time to look for an inspiration and it is always a better alternative to just start. Once you’ve started, it helps you to get more ideas and build a foundation which makes the process easier.

3. Resistance to make changes and revising

Writing process is way different than it looks like from an outsider’s point of view. Once you write something, you’ve got to make numerous changes and revise it multiple times because you want to give your finest product out in the world. New writers are generally reluctant to make changes after the first time they’ve written something which results in an unfinished and unattractive body of work.

4. Chasing the trends

Chasing trends can lead to your downfall very quickly. It is more important to stick your true self. Chasing a trend is like going from one destination to the other but on the same old and broken motorcycle that has been driven by everyone. Yes, you’ll reach your destination but you don’t know when; a little demotivating, right? But, if you are yourself you’ll find the people who like your work rather than your version of something that has been done by everyone and you’ll stand out of the crowd.

5. Doing too much

A lot of new writers get caught up in the loop of doing too much. No matter how cliché this sounds, Simplicity is the key. Often, in the pursuit of doing everything they end up doing nothing. One of the key factors of writing is giving out accurate information and being to the point. There’s a need to be précised and include what’s important. You can not write everything.

Have you made any of the above mistakes? Do you think we missed out any mistake? Comment down below and let us know.


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