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Image by Brett Jordan

Habit Ninja

Because Habit is the secret.

What will you get?

Welcome to 'Habit Zone'

Who are you?

A man is known by the company he keeps and the habits he builds.

So whoever you are, if writing heals you, it is high time you make it a habit.

Are you ready to be The Habit Ninja?

Why Habit?

  • Because habit is the new success.

  • Because habit is that small brushstroke you repeat everyday to make a bigger picture.

  • And finally because, Habit is the secret.

How will it help?

  • Live video will push you to get up early.

  • Having a group will boost your willpower.

  • You will get creative prompts as add on benefit.

How to Join?

First, Pat yourself for taking that much needed action

Do the payment

You will get a welcome mail within 24 hours at max

Follow the instructions in mail and join either Facebook or whatsapp group and wait for April 15th.

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