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Creative Keeda Journal

Creativity is a sleeping beauty. It does breathe in all. You just have to wake her and see the magic.


Tailor Made For Writers

You must have heard the famous saying- "when in doubt, journal." But general journaling would never heal your inner writer, although it will heal your soul. Creative Keeda comes as a perfect best friend, who will handhold you in this journey of consistency in writing.


Curated by Authors and journalist

This powerful, writer centric journal is ideated, curated and designed by Heena (Author of 4 books, founder of Writernaama and certified NLP practitioner) & Zeel (Author of 'Wish You Were Single' and IT consultant). So when it is made by writers for writers, the quality is just another verbal stamp.


Contains time-tested creative writing techniques

There are 30 prompts for creative writing techniques along with the examples to take you through the wild adventure of creative writing. The cherry on the cake is many other prompts which will make you think deeper.


Hey Creative Keedas!

Creative Keeda is a journal for the writers by the writers.

There are 3 rules to good writing- 1. Simplicity. 2. Brevity 3. Consistency.

Whether your creativity is breathing inside the shell or it's already hatched. You have started developing your feathers or just ended nestling. No matter at which stage your creativity is, Creative Keeda will help you spread your wings and let you fly to explore your thoughts in a much better and creative way.

Why Creative Keeda Journal?

A writer has always had a sweet and sour relationship with chaos. Sometimes thunderstorms come out of it and sometimes a beautiful sunset. Creative Keeda will teach you how to embrace the chaotic mind and pick only the excellence out of it.

The most important ingredient in the recipe of creativity is creative thinking. Creative Keeda is ideated and curated while keeping various sub-conscious tuning NLP techniques in mind, so that your heart can dance on the tunes of creativity. 

It makes you fall in love with the process. It will shift your focus to the event, rather than results. Towards consistency rather than conclusion. For Newton, Falling apple was not just a regular thing. It was an event that generated ideas. Then those ideas got written onto paper, and the rest is history.

The best part? You will never run out of ideas. Imagine your mind being the volcano of ideas. Using Creative Keeda Journal on daily basis will turn you into an idea factory. 

What's Inside the Journal?


Goals Setting Section

The first part of this journal talks about the goals and planning part for writing.


Creative Techniques

The second part of Creative Keeda talks about proven techniques on creativity for writers. 


Creative Prompts

The Third section of this journal will take you on the ride, where you will be enthralled to attempt every prompt with equal enthusiasm.

Available in both E-copy and Paperback

Did You Hear 'Bonus'?

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