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Author Branding

Don't judge a book by its cover, but by its author.

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We authors are no less than lost Harry Potters; Oblivious of our own potential and magic. 

Apart from our own self-belief, guess the next big magic wand which we need?

"Author Branding"

  • Because every lost Harry Potter needs that Hogwarts to be known in this world. That Hogwarts would be your author branding; a place where your powers are adored like magic.


What is common between Alice in the Wonderland and Harry Potter?

Well, they needed the right place to grow. Your 'Author Branding' would be that place from where you won't just grow, but also glow. 

It is that launchpad of identity, awareness and fame in this crowded digital world of wannabe's, where you have come as oblivious Harry, but you have to establish yourself as confident Hermoine.


1. To have an impact with your words.

2. To showcase your work.

3. To have loyal readers.

4. To sell your books.

Because writing a book and getting it published is easier than the real game of selling them.If patience is the key here, then author branding is the game-changer here.

Just one question to make you think-

Who will buy your books, when nobody knows you exist? What will be the use of writing a wonderful book, but having no buyers for it because nobody knows you?

Are you ready to enter the Hogwarts of fame?

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle

So what are your battlefields to create your digital presence?

1. FB & Instagram.

2. Youtube & Podcasts.

3. Linkedin

I have divided them on the basis of text centric, audio/visual centric and networking centric platforms.

Dare to avoid one and you will miss on an important class to pass this exam.

But handling all this sounds like reading the gigantic library of Hogwarts, right?

But what if there is a soccer's stone to release you from the Voldemort of anonymity?

Imagine a world of your own wonderland or Hogwarts, where people know you, adore you and are willing to read more work from you?

It may sound overwhelming amidst the crowd of so many authors out there, right? but you know what?

You are not crowd, you are you! And

Author Branding will be the secret sauce to keep that 'You' intact in you.


Writernaama introduces
“Author Branding Package”

Our Success Formula- Quality+ Creativity+ Consistency

Welcome to The Power Game for Authors

Open Books

What's Special Cooking Here?

  • Customised branding based on A.I.D.A. principle of marketing.

  • Blended creativity with branding to make you stand apart.

  • A seasoning of personalised experience from the Founder as 4X author.

  • Industry researched content ideas & curation.

  • Authentic & simple ways to boost your fame game as an author.

  • Meticulously strategised storyboarding on Instagram stories.


Monthly Package-

1. Instagram & Fb

(30 days, 30 posts, stories.

captions, hashtags and industry based content curation with calendar).

2. Youtube & Podcast

(4 videos & 4 episodes

Content, editing & posting)

3. Linkedin magic

10 long forms.

20 short forms.

All industry based well, researched topics.

Are you game to level up your impact as an author?

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