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Writernaama Book Club

Because there is difference between reading and implementing.

Hey Bibliomaniac,


They may say- “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” I have a different version-

Today a reader, tomorrow, a leader. But today an implementor, forever a leader.


It is April already and if you are still fretting over your incomplete TBR and hoarding books to next level despite promising to yourself, then this Book Club is just made for you.


New year, new TBR and new reading goals. But till how long, this all remains NEW? Or what exactly stays NEW FOREVER?



Well! did someone hear "Learning never goes out of the fashion.

So are you fashionable enough to be successful? Or What success means to you?


Can reading 50-100 books a year make you successful? Guess the million dollar question?

What is your ratio of reading VS learning/implementation?






Make a noise if any of these is you...


  • Feeling like a pendulum between wanting to read, but unable to ready daily?

  • Reading daily, but unable to implement any of it?

  • Reading daily, but unable to remember it?

  • Getting stuck between wanting to read and wanting to write and doing nothing?

  • Wanting to write, but not having the writing routine?

  • Don't have any book to write, but still want to make writing a habit?

  • Fed up of bookstagram recommendations and want to focus on under-rated books?

  • Have set a target for reading psychology, human mind related books, but not getting the right books?

Life becoming a tug-of-war between wanting to read VS wanting to write?   ​

Welcome to the Pandora Box of wonderland, where we can choose to be either Alice, who read for fun or Hermoine, who read to learn, but this book club will make sure, that whatever you read, you implement.


A sneak-peek into the club?

1. Writing and reading sprints – 4 each/week

2. Cherry-picked book recommendations for creativity and psychology

3. Weekly writing prompts

4. Weekly journaling prompts

5. Weekly deep questions

6. Monthly moon ritual meditations

7. Monthly creative book summaries

8. Monthly do-able worksheets to implement the book

9. Monthly cheatsheets for writing/creativity


This is not IT.

There is MORE

Monthly Workshops/Masterclasses like

  • Journal Therapy

  • Speed Reading

  • Maximum Memory

  • Classic Communication

  • Perfect Productivity

  • Metaphor Therapy

  • Quantum Healing

  • Energy Codes

  • Effortless Focus

  • The Art of Self Talk


Before you jump in... care for a story?

I never dared to launch a book club despite having books as my only siblings since childhood. Reasons?


  • Launching a book club just for the sake of reading never clicked

  • Reading was never enough without making a space for writing

  • Reading without implementation was never my cup of tea


NOW is the time to:

Say “Yes” to Implementation

Say “Yes” to Holistic Growth

Say “Yes” to Levelling UP

Writernaama Logo with BG.png

Choose Your Read, or Make a Choice.

Every month, 2 books would be recommended. One creativity centric title, other would be psychology related. Target? Just 1 book a month, because 1 book, lots of implementations.

Are you just a reader, or a real implementor?

Say "Yes" To Growth Forever in just 1999/year.

Reader or writer, make implementation your friend and balance, your best friend.

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