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Book club reviews

I always loved reading books, then with the busy  schedule somewhere that love faded away. then after meeting Heena the Desire to read and write started popping up again. The speciality of writer Nama book club is that Heena sees to it that every member of the bookclub participates in the reading and writing activity.

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Dr. Shaila
Law and Taxation Professor

Dear Writernaama Book Club, You are a group of gems,
gems with their individual and unique shine(s), shining with purpose and with You overwhelm me sometimes, times when I am too full to even express a single feeling,


feeling what am I doing here with such a brilliant-minded group
The dice roll and the next moment I am filled with positivity,
The positivity that extinguishes the self-doubt, Self that gets a new meaning and I keep on reading and writing

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 Himani Goel
 Principal Architect at Himani Goel Architects
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