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Heena M Shrivastava

Heena is the lady next door, who read books because those were her only siblings. Little did she know that she would not only have authored 4 books, but also would become an international book coach.

She is also a mother, who is learning parenting from her child and is exploring the rainbow of learning with him. She also entered into the unknown territories of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and became a certified NLP practitioner and certified NLP Master practitioner as well.

She is that student, who was a book worm and may be that made her stay in good books and made her a guest speaker at Amity University, Rajasthan.

She is the one who understood that in order to find your purpose, you need to keep experimenting and build your purpose. Her stints into journalism with national dailies like The Times of India and The Hindustan Times have gifted her an insider's view. With 7 years of experience in writing, but Heena found her calling after exploring the forests of journalism. 

She is that daughter of her father, who breathes on the stories he told and this made her a certified storyteller today, because she realised that her dad has not left her, he is left in her. 

With the potpourri experience of journalism, stories, writing and NLP, Heena has gratefully figured out the way to this maze called life through her writing guidance and NLP consultations.
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