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Ideas are the new currency!

Join the revolution to fight against writer's block and scale up your writing to the next level

Beat Your Writer's Block

A 30-days challenge to stay highly creative and write with impact.

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In this world full of revolutionary ideas, writer's block is like cancer: life threatening for writer.

Writer's block is nothing, but a psychological conditioning of the perception that it is about lack of ideas. Whereas the real problem lies much deeper to the layers of sub-conscious mind, where we are constantly fed the same pre-conceived notions and we accept them as legacy being carried forward.

So after writing 3 books, and working with renowned dailies like The Times of India and Hindustan Times, I have been through my own ups and downs in writing and 'lack of self belief' was a phase I too went through. During that dark phase, I did not give up and decided to go deeper into the mind of a writer to find out the exact reasons of writer's block. I took some courses on psychology online, to first understand how human mind reacts on the basis of environment conditioning.


There were times, when I used to be more blank than a blank paper can ever be. I decided to take plunge into the remedies of writer's block and since I had understood its psychological roots, I invented some prompts for myself and kept trying them for a month. There were around 45 self-invented prompts, I zeroed down on 30, which were perfectly impactful and effective in my journey and just did not cure me as writer, but has also worked as a balm to my fears. After attempting these prompts whole heartedly for 30 days, I saw a transformation and trust me, since then on, I never suffer from writer's block. My testimonials on my website too speak volumes about my fast and instant creative writing skills. So I thought to contribute this value-packed, self-invented, well-researched and tried and tested pack of 30 prompts, which will not just heal you as a writer, but will also sharpen your creativity.


There are 3 main reasons of writer's block


  1. Over expectations from ourselves as beginners.

  2. Undervaluation of our potential in writing.

  3. Not consuming quality content. 



All these reasons unknowingly give birth to fear in our sub-conscious mind and we writers either  keep worrying about the results before action or we get dejected to extent of not even giving it a try. We often call it 'procrastination' or 'lethargy', but trust me, we writers are never lazy. We just lack faith in our self-belief. With constant nurturing of a 'fixed mindset', we never explore our potential.


















What will you learn from it?

  • It will help you evolve as a holistic writer with empathic virtues.

  • It will reboot your perceptions on 'lack of ideas'

  • It will redefine your self-belief.

  • It will reset your mindset.

  • It will rectify your misconceptions of writer's block

  • It will amplify your creativity.

  • It will open your blocked faucet of ideas.

  • Last, but never the least, it will REMOVE YOUR WRITER'S BLOCK.

How to join?

  • Join the challenge by link given below.

  • Complete the registration process.

  • You will receive a thank you mail with a link for Private FB Group.

  • Join that group by giving the same mail id, which you giving while registering.

  • The Private FB group will have link of all 30 prompt videos posted.

  • You can attempt one prompt everyday.

  • Every prompt will be explained clearly in the videos.

  • Write to in case of any confusion.

Free Bonuses-

  • Writing routine booklet

  • 10 page journal for Writers

  • Get published in E-book

  • Rs-500/- off for Book Marketing Course

Still thinking? Don't know what to do? Well, go for it and you will get the answers

Are you ready to Kick out your writer's block from your mind, sight and soul?

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