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What's Your Writing Blind Spot?

There are 2 types of writers

Those who think about writing

Those who write about thinking

Which One Are You?

How to Spot A Writer Within You?

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Even when you never wrote much or never wrote good enough?

Hey fellow writer,​


Writing can be as challenging as solving a complex puzzle. Each word and sentence is a piece that must fit perfectly to create a compelling and coherent picture. 

But hold on; before you feel overwhelmed and throw in the towel, let me tell you a little secret. 

Your writing journey can be as easy as a gentle breeze that effortlessly carries your thoughts onto the page with the right mentor - someone who can guide writers to soar through the skies of storytelling with finesse and grace.

Guess what? We share some stories. Want to know how?

Let me know if any of this feels like a deja-vu (something which has happened with you before)

  • You want to write, but have no clue where to even begin from?

  • You have written few blogs and poetries, but feel they are not good enough?

  • You write good one liners, but writing a short story is challenging for you?

  • You write short stories efficiently, but your reader never felt the grip in your writing?

  • You know you can write, but suffer from limiting belief’s bite about not being a good writer?

  • You have a story, but not the structure?

Does your heart beat for any of these?

To connect with people through stories

To have a strong personal brand

To live after your die. i.e. to leave a legacy through words


Welcome to

Don't leave a mark. Leave A Legacy!

Where creativity thrives on structures and where you become the idea machine.

Where we know that there is nothing called high vocabulary, but only right words.

Where we believe that action on paper is always bigger than perfection on paper, because action begets perfection.

Where writing effectively equals to thinking clearly. Where we inhale creativity and exhale ideas.


What is

Don't leave a mark. Leave A Legacy!

As someone whose lifelong siblings have been books, my passion can become your guiding light. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pen-wielder or a newbie, Writernama is the place to be. Picture it as your cozy, welcome home where imagination knows no bounds and creativity is the heart. 

If you find solace in writing prompts but struggle to generate fresh ideas, we offer a sanctuary of inspiration. Our diverse writing prompts, personalized for your skill and level, will awaken your creativity like a burst of sunlight breaking through the clouds. 

Writernama helps you learn the secret sauce of structuring narratives and weaving words like an artist. 

Our Only Mantra




Happy Clients' Smiles and Words...

While they all wrote their stories, what they did not know was that they are leaving a legacy behind...


Dr Mehernosh J Randeria
India's First & Only W3 Coach
NLP Master Trainer

"Writernaama has been the much motivating push to help me discover my book, "Thoughtfully Yours". Right from the ideation to write the book and handholding through the process of publishing, promoting and even author branding, the journey has been a worthwhile experience with Heena- The Founder of Writernaama."

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-20 at 1.19.09 PM.jpeg

Zeel Chapaneri
Published Author & IT Consultant

"Heena is amazing mentor and a book coach and editor. Once she decides to hold your hand she will

make sure to never leave you alone. She is an epitome of creativity. It's been a pleasure working with her. Be it a journal or book, she always comes up with unique ideas and strategies. If someone wants to ask me who is my inspiration, I would definitely take her name. So much to learn from her that's why I call her my wonder woman"


Farhina Sherwani
Content Writer & School Administrator.

"Heena has given the much needed vision and structure to the skeleton of my book.

Every session and every talk is insightful with her."

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